Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Waiting on the webhost

Back online now.
I will not defend the host’s terrible handling of this issue. They completely bungled the whole deal. First of all, we’re not sending spam and we never have. Instead of disabling the entire site without prior warning, they could have simply asked me for my information without shutting the site down. Or at worst, they could have simply blocked all outgoing mail from the server until they get the necessary compliance information. What a nightmare. Sorry for the downtime, and thanks for sticking around!

Hi guys,

It's not my fault this time. Thanks to our friends, the spammers, all webhosts are forced to be ridiculously cautious about all customers who send emails from their servers. Since BLF sends a LOT of notification emails, they are currently asking me to verify some personal information just to make sure everything is legit.

Sorry about this.

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